Licenses, Permits, and Taxes

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A/P and Tax Collector


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Licenses, Permits, and Taxes

Licenses and permits allow a company to operate in their locality or perform specific tasks (e.g., license to collect sales tax). You must apply for and obtain the required licenses and permits before you can do the things they let you do. Without a necessary small business license, you could face consequences.

The licenses and permits you need depend on a number of factors, such as what you do and where your business is located. To stay compliant, check with your state and locality for specific permissions your business needs.

Occupational License

We hold the Business Occupational License every year from January 1 through December 31 of the existing year. Applications must be submitted by February 28 of that year. Late fees will be applied if the balance is not paid before February 28. The amount you must pay is determined by your previous year’s gross receipts. To determine the amount to pay, refer to the table on the back of the application form.


The minimum fee for a new business is $50 until July 1, after which it drops to $25 for the remainder of the year. Click the “OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE APPLICATION” button below to obtain a copy of this form. You may either mail your payment or pay in person at the Town Hall drive-thru window using cash, checks, or money orders. Credit cards are not accepted.

Ad Valorem Property Taxes

Ad valorem property taxes come out each fall between October and December. They are usually sent out as soon as we receive them from the Parish and are due on December 31 of that year. Late charges will be assessed if payments are not made on time. You may send in your payment online or come to the Town Hall and pay it through the window or drive-thru using cash, checks, money orders, or credit cards. Below is the link for the online credit card payment.
Other forms, applications, and additional permit forms are listed in our Documents Center.